Hi, I'm Dr. E.... if you're tired of the minutiae of manual therapy, magic hands, tons of levels of courses, and being overly agressive with painful techniques, MMT is for you!
We enhance your practice, not replace it

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Improve your outcomes

Emphasis on patient empowerment and self treatment is how patients get better faster and stay better after. Your business only gets busier the faster you get your patients better.
Combine assessments and treatments normally taught at completely different seminars
Ortho=Neuro, these techniques are not "just for outpatient ortho"
Finish the seminar on Sunday, apply stat on Monday!

We take the pressing and guessing out of passive assessments. An emphasis of The Eclectic Approach is ease and immediate application. You already have tools, we just make them more effective.

Exercise doesn't solve everything

"This seminar opened my eyes to the world of modern pain science. Over the last decade we’ve come to realize that pain is simply not the result of muscle weakness or even tissue damage. Gone are the days of thinking we are releasing “adhesions” or breaking up “scar-tissue”. It’s much more complicated than that."
Michael Mash, DPT, CSCS, FMS

Best Seminar I've Ever Taken!

"...thanks for being so willing to share your knowledge and experience. I have greatly benefitted from your blog and channel! I was telling my wife just the other day that I'm more excited about my practice and getting better outcomes than I have in 20 years."
Max Selisch, PT
This is what a #manualtherapyparty is like, pan around in 360 degrees!
This is what a #manualtherapyparty is like!
There is no "secret" assessment or treatment: The best assessment is a simple, repeatable one. The best treatment, is the one the patient's nervous system considers novel and non-threatening.
Take a Modern Manual Therapy Course now and enhance your toolbox.
Billed monthly
  • Updated weekly
  • Learn Clinical Practice Patterns
  • Integrate IASTM, neurodynamics, and more
  • Emphasis on Pain Science, patient education, and self treatment
  • lectures, research review, live cases, technique demonstrations
  • 400+ videos and counting
  • Professionally shot and edited
  • Learn Clinical Practice Patterns
  • Movement Screening, Repeated Motions
  • IASTM, soft tissue techniques
  • Pain Science Education and patient home programs
  • 10+ hours of content
save $225 on annual subscription for unlimited CEUs
  • 4 Eclectic Approach Courses
  • The Eclectic Approach to TMD Part A and B
  • The Eclectic Approach to Clinical Neurodynamics Part A and B
  • Get CEUs while learning how to integrate movement patterns and repeated motions into both TMD cases and Neurodynamic Dysfunction
  • Emphasis on Pain Science, patient education, and self treatment
For 1-2 Day Seminar/depends on course host
  • Learn Clinical Practice Patterns of the Upper and Lower Quarter
  • Integrate Movement Screening and Repeated Motions
  • IASTM, Neurodynamics, Compression Wrapping, Soft Tissue Techniques, Thrust Manipulation
  • Emphasis on Pain Science, patient education, and self treatment
  • Taught in the US, Canada, South America, we go were we are hosted.
Save $$ - MMT seminars are all-in-one
Retain patients by seeing them less often
Patients refer more if your visit average is 4-6 total
Lock in improvements made in clinic, in between visits
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